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With an experience of over three decades in the architectural design business, Raghuvansh Mathur has been transforming spaces with his unique style.
He has lent his excellent design sense to transform commercial and non commercial houses, specializing in strategic planning and design of IT buildings.

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Raghuvansh Mathur has been a consulting architect and interior designer, for the past 33 years. Self-motivated, confident and independent, he has been practicing independently, for the major part of this period.

He has an exceptional sense of visualization and design. Strategic thinking and deep knowledge of modern technology lend an edge, to his proficiency. In addition, good communication and listening skills give him, a clear insight, into every client’s unique needs.

A clarity of vision has guided him, to place importance on structural and aesthetic durability, functionality and ergonomics. This broad vision has enabled a host of notable IT Parks, industrial & commercial complexes and high-end residential projects. He believes that, architecture is a collaborative venture. Hence, he willingly plays the role of a facilitator between clients, various contractors, government agencies and his staff. A committed professional, he has a tremendous drive and strong work ethics.


  • Raghuvansh Mathur offers you a host of services, making them, a convenient one-stop-shop. In addition to regular services, the activities of various professionals and agencies, involved in a project, are vigorously coordinated.
  • These professionals include, a range of consultants and also contractors handling the plumbing, electrical and mechanical aspects of a project. A deep knowledge of statutory bye-laws facilitates approvals, from various government bodies. Cost- analysis is also a core competency. Our clients always benefit from this rich knowledge bank.


Architectural practice is often beset with ethical problems. Right from the pre-design stage, to the post-occupancy period, every project faces such troubles. Such dilemmas are more easily resolved at Raghuvansh Mathur, as ethics is the base of their business credo. As such, ethics is interwoven into all the activities of the firm. Transparency is the norm while coordinating, with the people and organizations involved in a project. This particularly applies to financial matters.Unfair trade practices are a strict taboo. Ethics also governs the internal working of the firm.

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